Essay on dowry system in pakistan

Nicholasin which he threw gold in the stockings of three poor sisters, thus providing for their dowries. An important reason for growing cashdemands and expensive gifts for the grooms family is that parents see this as theirmain, if not the only chance, to be compensated for the big bonanza they areoffering the bride in the form of an earning son.

Occupation and education level both have association with sharing of economic burden in society by dowry system. This is the reason why people get depressed and feel cursed at the birth of a daughter. More technically, the property belongs to the wife and ought to stay within her control, though the husband generally has rights of managing.

It leads toward promoting many conflicts, quarrels and greed in the civilization. Duringthe Lahore press reported an average of more than four local cases of women being burnt weekly, three of the four fatally. The cases of dowry torture are the highest accounting for Even the rich parents of the boy do not feel ashmed in begging dowry.

Dowry system Essay - Part 3

However, this and similar anti-dowry laws ofandas well as Family Court Act of have proven to be unenforceable. Results have been discussed in the light of Pakistani cultural context.

Essay on Dowry System in Pakistan in English Urdu Is it Good or Bad

Many parliamentary debates led to some amendments inand Some people also believe that giving and receiving a dowry will also increase their status in society.

Respondents include both male and female and both married and single. Endowment is an awful and deceptive practice. As long asjoint families were the norm and most parents could count on their sons to supportthem in old age and treat their income as belonging to a common pool, dowrydemands were not as much of an issue.

InNepal enacted the Social Customs and Practices Act outlawing dowry; however, there have been no known cases of enforcement. In traditional China, the property owned by a family, if any, was earmarked for equal division or inheritance by sons only. There is no guarantee that your daughter will have a great marriage if she is given a heavy dowry.

Majority of people has been involved in dowry system whether they are educated or illiterate. The idea that a woman should receive a marriage settlement from her family is long-established in India. Pakistani girls have to own many qualities to get married — beauty, fair complexion, skinny figure, good upbringing, education and culinary skills.

The press can do a lot in moldings the opinion of the people. According to this system, a marriage is forever and there is no scope for a separation. In Nepal, the practice of dowry is closely related to social prestige; and dowry violence is especially prevalent in the Terai belt.

The mutual exchange of title and wealth raised the status of both bride and groom. They keep on waiting that, somebody would come and marry them without any demand of dowry. Frequency and their percentage are also shown in the below table. So, the evil of dowry, in a round about way, also gives birth to moral corruption in society.

Results have also shown that dowry system has created imbalance in the status of women in the society. The point of these arrangements has been to make sex equity a higher need inside all global UNICEF projects and capacities. Occupation and education level both have association with sharing of economic burden in society by dowry system.

Gifts given without a precondition are not considered dowry, and are legal. Dowry system in India Most dowry deaths occur when the young woman, unable to bear the harassment and torture, commits suicide. However, with increasing breakdown ofjoint families and reluctance of many women to stay with in-laws, the insecurity ofparents in many families takes the form of trying to extract what they can from thebrides family at the time of their sons marriage.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Sociology work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. Value of the young lady has nothing to do in the settlement of the marriage proposition by any means.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of the dowry system, but the main one is that it is a necessary precondition for marriage. Even though they lose their self-esteem, they are begging mosque to mosque, store to store. Dowry is also a cause of endorsing greed and conflicts in the society.

CR, utensils, refrigerator and hard cash. Among the societal tribulations that triumph and infecting Pakistani society, the dowry system plays the most significant role. The women have become a kind of commodity. For example, Indian Muslims call dowry as jahez, justify the practice in terms of jahez-e-fatimi.

Awareness regarding dowry system in general public was also evaluated and its result showed that people are well aware of dowry system.

Essay on Dowry System in Pakistan in English Urdu Is it Good or Bad

Words Essay on Dowry System. Article shared by. Here is your essay on Dowry System in India. Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu customs of ‘kanyadan’ and ‘stridhan’.

In ‘kanyadan’, the father of the bride offers the father of the groom money or property, etc whereas for ‘stridhan’, the bride herself gets jewelry and. An essay on evils of dowry system in India.

Dowry system is as old as man is. The dowry system is a social evil. It is prevalent in all parts of India and almost in all the countries of the India many of the traditional customs have been given up, but the custom of dowry has not only continued, but flourished over the years.

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There is hardly any family in Pakistan un which this dowry system is not followed. Not a signal day passes without dowry death and torture women.

News papers are full of stories torture of women who bring in sufficient dowry. There is some controversy on the dowry death rates in Pakistan.

Some publications suggest Pakistan officials do not record dowry deaths, the death rates are culturally under-reported and may be significantly higher.

Dowry system in India; References Further reading. Dowry Murder: The Imperial Origins Dowry Death, by Kamakshya Prasad. Pakistan: Marriage, Dowry and Violence: Contradictory to the obvious forms of gender based violence like rape, gang rape, custodial rape, acid throwing, karo Kari (“honor killing”), trafficking,forced prostitution, child sexual abuse etc.

; Dowry as a form of violence has yet to be accepted and understood by the social activists, researchers and policy makers in Pakistan. Essay on dowry system in pakistan in urdu Starting Decemberthere was religious violence in India during the reign of Alauddin Khalji, the Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.

were Hindus, bahlul Khan Essay on dowry system in pakistan in urdu and Sikandar Lodi.

Essay on dowry system in pakistan
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Essay on Dowry System in Pakistan in English Urdu Is it Good or Bad